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The time has come...


It took longer than expected but now we completed our record "Neid und Missgunst"!


Pure Death Metal!!!

A first Mixdown

We decided to put a first mixdown of our song "Schiltron" online. 

We are working at our first album

Right now we are working hard on our record in our "studio", the 'Mordhaus Labs'. We are trying to keep you as up to date as possible.

Armored horsemen are coming


And Death-Metal crushed again through the SPH-Bandcontest. We finished the cityfinal and are looking forward to blast the regionfinal in Karlsruhe on the 13.09.2014.


Be there and turn the city into dust!

Death-Metal vs. Pop-Rock


Round 1 in the SPH-Bandcontest in Ingolstadt is done. Beautiful Night with awesome bands (especially Voltraid and NitrogeN) and an outstanding fanbase! We are lost for words. Thanks people for achieving 1st place!


Nothing left to say but: Death Metal Victory!

Nekron, Abyss und Killian
Nekron, Abyss und Killian



Thanks to Nekron and Abyss for this awesome night of blasting! ... Thanks to everybody whos been there and pledged allegiance to Metal! Always nice to see that there are still some Metalheads out there.

Special thanks to Hermann who offered the location and to Laudi for all the organisation.

Taniel Grüger
Taniel Grüger

Hero of the Week: Taniel Grüger


He has spontaneously formed the Killian Fan Club China! The guy with the white helmet is the treasurer and the dude without a helmet is a prospect.

Maximum respect for this kind of franconian Death Metal export to China!!!


Bavarian Finest Death Metal


A tiny bar. Three Metal Bands. A bunch of crazy people. Sounds like the ingredients for an awesome night! Let's take this pub apart!

Videos from Munich


We have released some live footage from our concert in Munich. Rock on!

Old Demo Recordings Online


Alright ... To keep you people busy we have put some old Demo Recordings online. Not the best sound but worth a listen!

Have fun!


Here we are!


Although we all have almost too much to do right now, we have still found some time to bring our website online. It is far from fullness and there are some tiny errors still in, but we will change this as soon as possible!

It's an eternal suffering big projects almost always strike in packs. Too little time to do too much! But we will not let it stop us.