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Der Wanderpriester

(The Wanderpriest)


I saw the hordes

Saw them murder

Wearing crosses

Human plague

Speaking love

Breaking bones

Dazzle with gold

Raping women / children


I saw them chase

On many days

Cut a fire

For us Gentiles

I saw them coming

I saw them laughing

I saw them praying

And I saw them slaughter



The God of the Cross

Cold and full of hate

The hands of his servants

Wet with blood

The truth is

In our hands

The dream of Asgard

Can / Will never end

Wenn Welten zu Staub zerfallen

(When worlds crumble to dust)


Sun and Moon

Torn apart by wolves

Stars falling down

The earth is worn out

The snake spreads

Flood across the land

Fenrir spits

The world on fire




Fate of the Gods

Takes its course


Can not be prevented

Fate of the Gods

Set to battle

And the world




While the "Asen" (word for nordic gods) fight

The world perishes

The air burns

We stand in blood

When Naglfar drives

And Thor falls

In the final battle

This world dies




"Surtur" rises

The "Bifrost" breaks

Hel's hordes

In his duty

The power of Loki

As new born

Heimdall blows

Into his "Gjillarhorn":



"Asen be warned

Ragnarok begins! "



Wallhalla is ready

to fight with Odin

An army of warriors

From ancient times

They ride

into flames

Fenrir gives

Death to Odin






The "Asen" combining

At "Idafeld"

Under their hands

The new world rises

For the humans

Empire Midgard

For the Gods

Empire Asgard



The new world ...

... rises




I'm standing still

grab my spear tight

With my hands

The battle begins

Horses breath

Like demons

Under my feet

The earth quakes




Armored horsemen coming in

Spears high for everyone

Creaking, bursting

Wood is torn apart

Trampling hooves

Storm of pain



We stand close

Man by man

In the forefront

The battle begins

The wood so hard

The fear so great

It is so far

The horses breaking loose






A big horse

Rushes into the spear

Screams in agony

Tear back and forth

splintering sound

All over

Of blood and flesh

A raging sea



The line breaks

Under this load

Commands are shouted

In great haste

Crushed bodies

Trampeled by hooves

A life ends

In terrible torment






Armored horsemen coming in

Spears high for everyone

Bones are bursting

They tear the skin

My body crushed

A last groan

Der Pfad der Dämonen Neid und Missgunst 

(The path of the demons envy and resentment)


I am so full of envy

It lives so deep in me

Come I sow strife

And harvest your blood


When I see

What you do

When I see

What you are / How you are laughing


When I see

How you do

When I see

Where you stand




Envy, envy and resentment

Envy, envy and resentment



There is envy

So deep in me

I'm driven by rage

Jealousy and greed



You steal my happiness

And reap my fame

I'll take it back

No matter what the price


When I see

What you do

When I see

What you are / How you are laughing


When I see

How you do

When I see

Where you stand






Seduced by the sweet poison

They talk through us

Even if you don't feel it

Their spell lies on us


When I see

What they want

When I believe

What they want


When I say

What they want

When I do

What they want






Come and play with fire

This city shall burn

Come and play with fire

This city is a powder keg


Blood dilutes, Donau (river) clear

An empire of gold falls without a throne

Breaking roots, quickly disappear

A Whore and your son


Bring her to their watery grave

The command I gave you


We kidnapped her in the night

Threw her into the Donau (river)

Her lungs filling with water

In the pale moon glow


For this, you shall pay in blood

And it shall be your own blood




I come with fire

This city will burn

We draw with fire

Through the city a flame cut


I come with fire

Your city is a grave light

I come with fire

I won't forget what you've done



It drives me grief

It drives me tornment

For our heritage

There was no other choice


House by house

Your city will burn

Your time is over

Not a word will speak of you

You will be banished from history for all time







(Grave mound)


A place of ancient warriors

Buried, they are lying together

Whether loser or winner

There were brave men


And we will see them in our minds

When we stand next to their sons

And their voices will resound

If we sing their songs proudly



Grave mound



None of us will ever forget

The deeds of their lifes

And the time will eat us away too

But our work won't be meaningless


Because we will rise

Rejoin with our ancestors

And our sons give us the consecration

And close the gap in the line



Grave mound



Time forgets

But never a heart

Lives on forever

And without pain


Our flags

Are blowing

For the glory

Of our ancestors



Is our meat

In heavy chains

They will

Save our souls


And we will

Stand togehter

And lead

Into new ages

Aequitas Est Mortis


The pawns are

In the front row

Victim figures

For the victory


Protect the King

Serves the Queen

The war of the rich

Is always fought by the poor




Born to serve

Aequitas ...

Born to die

... est mortis



The pawns move

And turn the tide

The bishop as a hero

Sets checkmate


But this is not chess

And we're not blind

Calls us Legion

Because we hare thousands






They look down lordly

Forcing us to our knees

Lead us to the bloodletting

Because our blood feeds them

Requium Tyrannis


Before me stands now

The Grim Reaper

Not Kneeling

Before my throne


Breath cold

Laughs in my face

The world fades

When my life breaks



Requium Tyrannis



The last battle

Was fought long ago

But it remains

The tyranny


With an iron fist

About the country

Those who won't kneel

Will be burning



Requium Tyrannis



I hear their song

As it moves through the streets

"Hey Sanna Ho

The tyrant is dead! "



Requium Tyrannis



Times coming

Times perishing

Only the tyrant



In this world

It is the law

Tyrant is

Replaced by tyrant



Requium Tyrannis



I remorse nothing

No act is gnawing at me

Come Reaper

Let's go

Show me your kingdom!



Requium Tyrannis


Von Hunden und Wölfen

(Of dogs and wolves)


Drink my brother

Drink up the good wine

Whip up the blood

Runs tender from my wounds


The hunt was terrific

The prey is lifeless

We will go hunting

When the next moon rises




Let yourself be lead like a dog

Keep dreaming to be a wolf

But you will never be as we are

Because without a leader you're lost



The hunt begins my brother

It will always be like this

Even if it is a hard struggle

And the battle brings wounds


We wear our scars

Where other have chains

And remains the victory denied

So it was still worth the hunt






Hunter ...

of the hunter ...




Knie vor mir

(Kneel before me)


I'll separate them

Hell or kingdom of heaven

Everyone kneels before me

Before me all are the same


All your deeds

Are not my concern

And if your time is running out

I will knock at your door




On the last day

You will kneel before me

For a thousand years

You will draw with me



Kneel, beg honest

Your words won't soften me

No lie, no deceit

My judgement won't fail


The mill grinds

And ravens are circling

You kneel and pull

My carriage one thousand years






Now ends ... your life

I demand my price

A thousand ... years

Slavery is your sentence






I'm judge ... and executioner

Are called "the reaper"

Bring a curse and a blessing

With cold bones hand


You're demanding me, you're searching me

Begging to your god to meet me

You're hating me, you're avoiding me

I'll wait at the scaffold

Falsche Freunde

 (False Friends)


As cattle good enough

I'm protecting your door

But you are no friend

You have other plans


It shines your dagger

Behind my back

But you burn

All your bridges



The mask will fall my false




My enemy's enemies

Are my best friends

And you will regret

This betrayal


Even if the crown swears

To be still loyal to you

People and soldiers

Leave you alone



The mask will fall my false


Auf ewig Asche

(Forever Ashes)

Blood soaked the streets

carries the seeds of plague

black hard rain

wets the wounds

Meat rots bitter sweet

shows your being

wear your bones blank

the cadaver run


it sleeps in the Rosary

the rotten flesh on the cross

it laughs out of nails

the rotten flesh on the cross


Rotting stench from the cross

Your God is a bounder

the song of lies

will never be silenced

fill the black circle

a burning wheel of priests

fire kisses the soul

in the dark rain of ash

burned earth

drives us steadily

goose-stepping soldiers

to the downfall

Eternally ash

Eternally suffering

Eternally ashes ...

... Which frees my soul

Harter Kern

(Hard Core)

What else do you want

than our flesh and blood

If that's not enough

It's right and good

But then stop complaining

That this scene is dying

If only one understands

We changed something

It is easy on the net

Always with the flow

However, all fish are dying

And no one will be spared

The scene is dying

Most stay away

But we are and we remain

The hard core

Do not listen to media

They lie for the favor

It is about the money

And never the arts

Eat shit out of cans

Served by Radio

And if you take it

You get mentally castrated

But we are not a commodity

No new chart star

We are and we remain

With you the hard core