Tour Daten

Live - Garage Deluxe, München

Some videos selected from our gig in Munich in September 2013. We would like to thank you again for this excellent evening! Who would have thought that we get a fucking coach loaded with almost 50 fans.

In the meantime, the operators were a little afraid that the shop is completely taken apart! Thank you!

Falsche Freunde (False Friends)


Originally we didn't want to put this online since it has been nothing more but an experiment to find out what we can do with a smartphone cam and without budget. Accordingly, the video quality and the lights are pretty shitty.

But due to popular demand we have put it online for you!

"Nostalgia" - Live in Schambach

Here are the videos in setlist order of "Killians" first presence. Although there are some errors we don't want the whole thing to be forgotten. The "Nostalgia" video series that documents our "birth".

Have Fun!